How to Get Rid of Spiders

You spot a spider web from the corner of your eyes while watching the latest season of your favourite web series. Soon enough, you also begin spotting spiders in the other rooms in your property that are not used. So, this indeed is the correct page to be on when you decide to make a google search on “how to get rid of spiders.” Discussed ahead are some tips and tricks to get rid of spiders and prevent them from returning:

Common spider species you may find in your home

  • Brown House Spider

These spider species have a spherical body that is up to 1.2 cm in length. They make messy cobwebs in dark and undisturbed areas of the house including walls, below old furniture, on walls, woodpiles, below garden benches, on compost containers etc.

  • Redback Spider

Redback spiders can be identified with the orange-red stripes on their abdomen. These species can also be found throughout Australia. They prefer places such as roof eaves, windowsills, sheds, outdoor vegetation and more for shelter.

  • Funnel Web Spiders

These species are usually found in the Eastern Coastal regions of Australia. They have a black or brown and shiny body and prefer moist, cool and safe places for their habitats.

  • White-Tailed Spider

These spider species can be found all over Australia. They can be identified with the white spots that they have on the end of their stomach and 5 cm dark orange-brown bands running on their legs. White-tailed spiders can be found active during late summer to early autumn. You can usually find spiders of these species in the leaf litter, on rocks and other places around the garden.

  • Black House Spider

They are a spider species that got introduced into Australia from Europe. These species are about 1-1.5 cm in size and have short grey hair on their body. Black house spiders can often be seen on tree trunks, fire wood, window frames, and ceilings of the patio as well as near light sources in the house.

  • Daddy Long Legs Spider

As their name suggests, these spider species can be easily identified with legs that are longer and bigger than their body. They are pale cream to brown in colour and are just around 0.7-0.9 cm in size. The webs of this spider can be classed as thin and delicate ones usually in nooks and corners, attics, and dark and secluded areas of the house.

How to get rid of spiders?

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming can help get rid of the spider population in your home. Run it in all places that catch dust and dirt routinely. Do not forget to vacuum areas including places behind the furniture, openings and gaps on walls, etc. Vacuuming will help to get rid of spiders, cobwebs as well as egg sacs if any. Make sure to discard the vacuum bag immediately.

  • Spraying insecticide

Using spider sprays and insecticides can also be helpful in getting rid of spiders and protecting your house from these insects. Spray on areas near the doors, windows, ledges and areas that you find cobwebs in.

  • Spider repellents

Create a spider repellent by mixing apple cider vinegar, pepper, oil and dish wash liquid. Spray it on places wherever you see the most spider activity or cobwebs.

  • Diatomaceous earth (DE)

Sprinkling diatomaceous earth also can be helpful in eliminating spiders from your property. This product contains fossilized algae. The silica in DE cuts across the exoskeleton of the spider and eventually dehydrates it. Sprinkle it around areas such as dark portions of the windows, doors, patio, fences, nooks and corners etc. in the house. An alternative way to use this is by mixing it in water and then spritzing this solution in all the areas in the house that have spiders and cobwebs.

Keep Spiders Away with These Hacks:

  • Declutter your house and belongings on a regular basis. Spiders love to find shelter in places that offer darkness, moisture and isolation. Remove all such junk to prevent spiders from camping in your premises.
  • Get citrus peels and place them on window sills and entrances. The smell of these peels acts as a deterrent for spiders. Keep replacing the peels every few days to preserve its effectiveness. Cinnamon candles can also be used to keep off spiders from your premises.
  • Keep an eye out for dead insects and dust in your property. Your home becomes unattractive for spiders without the presence of these elements in it.
  • Shake any items that you bring inside your home from the outside. There are chances that these pests may be hiding in them.

Spiders are pests that are commonly found in Australian households. Some of them are poisonous in nature while some of them are not. Make sure to avail the services of professional pest control service providers whenever you come across spider issues in your home for your own safety.

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