How to Keep Rats Away From Your House This Winter

Rats are creatures that can get into any property they want using the tiniest cracks and crevices in it. The destruction that they cause once inside is extensive too. Rats and mice are on the lookout for shelter in the cold season. They also look for places that would help them escape the harsh cold weather. Rats do not like such weather and are attracted to houses due to the heat given out from the doors, windows, vents and cracks.

They are also attracted to households due to the wafting smell of cooked food. Hence, it is necessary that homeowners work on rodent-proofing their house ahead of winter season to safeguard it from rats. Continue reading ahead to know how you can keep rats away from your house in the winter season:

Signs Of Rat Infestations In Homes

  • Rat droppings

Dark and moist droppings that you find near cupboards, drawers, below the kitchen sink are a sign of a rat colony living in your house. Additionally, there would be the most number of droppings present in areas where they nest and feed.

  • Nasty smell

The smell of rat urine seeps into walls and other surfaces that they come in contact with. Such places are the ones that can attract and excite the pet cats and dogs in your household which also is a sign of a rat infestation.

  • Rat nests

Rats use fabrics, waste material, fabrics, dried leaves etc. to make their nests. Coming across such things in the house may be indicative of a rat colony existing around in your house.

  • Scratching noises

Scurrying, squeaking and scratching noises at night are an indication of a rat infestation. These sounds may originate from floors, walls, behind appliances and more.

How To Keep Rats Away From Your Home In Winter

These are some steps that you can take in order to keep rats away from your house this winter:

  • Indoor cleanliness

Clean, dust and broom your home regularly. Make sure to clean the kitchen cabinets, floor, dining table and cooktops on a regular basis too. Do not leave food crumbs on the floor, countertops or dining table as the rats can easily follow the scent and feast on it. You also need to clean your cooking utensils, and electrical appliances after each use so rats and other pests do not eat from it.

  • Seal up all holes

Rats can use holes smaller than an inch to enter into homes. For that, you need to find and seal holes and cracks in windows, doors, foundation, flooring and even the plumbing pipes. You can use wire to seal up the holes in your foundation. Also use caulk to fill up holes in places where pipes enter the house. Sealing holes in all such areas will help in keeping off rats from your property in the winter season.

  • Clean out the clutter

Clean out the basement, attics, and sheds as these are the areas that contain the most clutter including old newspapers, packaging boxes and unused items. These are the items that rats use for their nesting. Removing them will work to make your property unwelcoming for them. Make sure to store other usable boxes at a height where the pests would not reach easily.

  • Store your food and pet food well

Take care to store the eatables and pet food properly in airtight containers. Pet food is attractive for pests like rats and mice and hence storing them in sealed containers is essential. Feed your pet indoors and ensure cleaning their dining spaces and food & water bowls as well.

  • Garden and outdoor cleanliness

Pick out fallen or rotten fruits from the garden. Install netting over the garden bed if you are growing fruits or vegetables. Trim overgrown tree branches as rats use tree branches to enter your house. They also use twigs, and leaf debris to keep themselves warm.

Make sure to prune the grass and clean out the leaf litter as this can be used by rats for hiding and shelter. Further, firewood and lumber are used by rats and mice for hiding. Hence, you need to store the firewood at a height and distance from the house and in required quantities only.

  • Brush strip

Installing a brush strip made of vinyl or rubber can be a good option to keep off rats from entering your property. Brush strips need to be attached at the base of the door where there are small gaps that rats and mice can use for entering inside. You can also use metal plates that are 12 inches tall and above 6.4mm from the base of the door.

Mentioned above were some ways to keep off rats from households in the winter season. Use these measures alongside regular professional pest control services to keep your home free of such destructive pests in the winter season.

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