Natural Remedies for Pest control in Reservoir: An eco-friendly approach

Pests are likely to infest homes and commercial spaces that provide them with moisture, shelter and food. They are not just annoying but also a threat to the hygiene and cleanliness in the household. They contaminate your food and eatables. Their droppings can degrade the hygiene and indoor air quality. Do not live in a surroundings that have pests. Read this blog to know more about a few natural pest control remedies and techniques that would help you keep the annoying pests away from your property:

1. Natural pest repellents

You can make your own natural pest repellents by mixing essential oils in water. They also detest the citric smell which is why you can also go ahead and make a pest repellent by mixing liquid dish wash, water, lemon juice and an essential oil with a citric flavour. Mist the pest-infested area with this natural repellent. This remedy will drive pests away and also make your surroundings feel really fresh and pleasant.

2. Ground cinnamon and coffee

Pests are also averse to the smell of spices hence using cinnamon in any form is a good idea. You can sprinkle powdered cinnamon and coffee grounds in areas that have signs of pest activity. Additionally, you also can make use of cinnamon oils by dipping a cotton bill in it and then wiping down all the pest-infested portions of the house with it.

3. Growing pest repelling plants

Growing marigold, basil, citronella, rosemary, chrysanthemums can be highly effective in keeping a number of pests away from your spaces. These plants can be very helpful pest control agents. Likewise, you can also plant lavender which will act as excellent repellents for insects. Essential oil made from these plants are also helpful in keeping your property pest-free.

4. Basil Spray

Mix basil leaves in hot water in equal proportions. Let the leaves soak in the water for a few hours. Strain the mixture after a few hours, and then mix vodka in it. Spritz it in areas that you have seen pests or insects roaming about.

5. Herb sachets

Make your own herb sachets by mixing thyme leaves, cinnamon sticks, chamomile, cloves, lavender, rosemary, bay leaves. You just need to hang this bag in open areas, or also by placing it in your closet, drawers, etc. to repel moths, silverfish and other harmful pests.

6. Borax

Borax is an excellent chemical for warding off pests and insects. All you have to do is spread parts of it in kitchen cabinets, pantries, behind electrical appliances, near wall edges, openings and all the portions that attract pests. Use this chemical to keep off ants, mites, spiders, fleas and many other pests effectively.

7. Diatomaceous earth

This is a highly effective desiccant and can be extremely efficient in getting rid of several pests. It is classified as a pesticide by the Pest Control Act. Diatomaceous earth is abrasive and it acts to dry out the pest after which it dies due to the loss of oils and fats from the pest’s exoskeleton. Home-owners with flea, bed bug, cockroach, ant and several other pest infestations can benefit with the application of this chemical in the necessary places in the property.

8. Soapy water

Spraying soapy water in the property in the pest-infested areas in a home is an effective defence mechanism against pests such as ants, aphids, beetles, flies and more. To make this spray you only need to combine liquid soap with water to be spritzed on areas used by insects and pests. This technique can be most effective when carried out early morning or evening when there won’t be any sunlight to evaporate the solution.

9. Oil and soap solution

Oil can be highly beneficial in getting rid of pests in a natural manner. Likewise an oil and soap solution is all the more potent in eliminating pests. For making the same, you just need to mix a cup of vegetable oil with some liquid dish wash and water. Spray this solution on all the pest-infested area and get respite from pests easily.

Advantages of using natural and eco-friendly pest control techniques:

Natural pest control techniques have a lot of benefits to them. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Less expensive

The products and elements used by way of natural pest control are organic and free of chemicals. They are readily available in most households and hence it is an inexpensive way of pest control.


  • Safe and nontoxic

Usage of natural pest control solutions is a generally safer technique of eliminating pests. They are safe to be used around households with infants, pets, allergic individuals and the surroundings in comparison to pesticides and chemicals. Insecticides sprayed around trees and foliage can make them droop and die. On the contrary, the techniques and products used in natural pest control also do not have adverse impacts on the environment if used in wrong proportions.


  • Would not affect the structure of the property

Chemicals and pesticides are likely to discolour the painted and other wooden surfaces if applied in excess quantities or repeated patterns. Chemicals do not just discolour the surfaces but also remove the protective film making the whole thing look ugly. Which is not the case in terms of usage of organic and natural pest control products and its application.


  • Prevents degradation of indoor air quality

Indoor air quality suffers considerably due to the usage of chemicals present in insecticides. The situation can be worse if there are people in the household suffering from respiratory issues like asthma and breathing allergies. Natural pest control techniques do not entail the use of such chemicals and thus the indoor air quality does not suffer in any way.


Mentioned in this blog were some natural yet effective remedies for pest control for use in your Reservoir property. Using them makes sense only when it is not possible to get professional assistance or when the infestation is of a small scale. Make sure to consult an experienced pest control service to prevent the infestation in your home from swelling to larger levels.

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