Natural Ways To Get Rid of Spiders Without Harmful Chemicals

Spiders! These are pests that are scary and terrifying for many people! Even if the majority of species of spider are harmless, householders should keep these pests away from their homes. Some of them are also beneficial since they eat other common pests around the property. Nonetheless, many are an annoyance for property-owners.

These pests make their homes in dark, damp and undisturbed places. On the same note, did you know that painting your porch in the light blue shade can repel spiders? Read this blog for more such remedies if you are worried about the removal of spiders from your home. Mentioned ahead are some natural ways to get rid of spiders without using any harmful chemicals.

Get Rid of Spiders without Harmful Chemicals

Are you tired of sharing your home with eight-legged visitors? While spiders play an essential role in our ecosystem, it’s understandable that you might not want them taking up residence in your living space. But, before you reach for those harsh chemicals, we’ve got some good news for you! There are eco-friendly and natural ways to keep spiders at bay without harming the environment or your family’s health.

  • Essential Oil

Spiders dislike the strong smells of essential oils. Hence, you can make use of them to your advantage to keep off spiders from your home. Mix a few drops of any essential oil in a cup of water and then spritz it all around the house including areas where you find their webs.

  • Water-Vinegar Mix

A water and vinegar solution can also fulfil the same purpose of warding off spiders from your home. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and then sprinkle surfaces, corners, edges, cracks and crevices with it. It will be helpful in reducing their colonies and also removing any dirt that attracts spiders in first place.

  • Dusting And Vacuuming

Spiders like to camp in houses that have a lot of dust and dirt. They flourish in such environments that are favourable for them. Hence, thorough cleaning, dusting and vacuuming all parts of your home is necessary when you are looking to get rid of spiders in your home. Regular vacuuming will also be of help in cobwebs, and eggs of these creepy crawlies existing below worktops, behind appliances and furniture etc.

  • Declutter Indoor Areas

Clean storage areas, attics, basements and other unused rooms regularly so that spiders do not find nesting spaces. Remove any moisture build-up in such places by using natural ventilation and dehumidifiers which will make the place unwelcoming for spiders.

  • Keep Off Fruit Flies To Repel Spiders

Fruit flies are food for spiders. They regularly look for fruit flies in the premises they live in. Reducing the influx of fruit flies can help in reducing spider population in your home. Flies are attracted to the garbage content and spiders exist in places that have flies. Hence, shift your trash cans away from the house to fend off spiders. Also make sure to opt for professional inspection and pest control services that will keep off every pest and insect from your home.

  • Make The Exteriors Of  Your Home Uninviting For Spiders

The overgrown trees, leaning branches, woodpiles, leaf litter and debris are all factors that make your home welcoming and attractive for spiders. Keep the exteriors of your property clean by pruning off overgrown branches, mowing the lawn, and getting rid of leaf litter from the premises. Cover compost piles adequately to prevent spiders from accessing it.

  • Pay Attention To The Doors and Windows

Cracks and crevices present on doors, windows and exterior walls can help spiders enter your home in an easy way. Seal them with chemicals or caulking agents. Replace torn window screens with new ones. Install meshing on openings present on chimneys and vents.

  • Citrus Scents and Candles

Room sprays, candles, spider repellents with a citrus scent can be effective in warding off spiders. Rubbing orange or lime peels alongside spritzing repellents on walls, window sills, corners and behind shelves and cupboards can repel spiders successfully. The citrus smell present in candles by way of citronella oil can act as a spider repellent to repel these insects.

Cleaning and pest-proofing your home is an effective measure to keep off spiders and other pests from your property. Preventing spiders from coming into your home is the best line of action. When you follow basic maintenance measures your home and indoors becomes less appealing for spiders.

Hire professional pest controllers to address the spider infestation in your home as they will take out time to inspect the problem and find longstanding solutions for the same.

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