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Are you tired of looking for the best pest control in Hobart? Do not know which is the best pest control company, Hobart? Do not worry anymore! Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is a renowned pest control company and offers exceptional pest control services across Hobart.

We are experts and offer safe and effective same-day pest control Hobart treatments in and around Hobart. No matter what you need – pest inspection or pest control services, we are here to assist you. With a team of certified, trained, skilled, and insured professionals, we offer unmatched pest removal services at an affordable cost.

Our pest control Hobart team has the latest tool and examination technology to deal with pest-related issues on the same day of booking. Plus, our technicians are knowledgeable and understand the pests habitants to offer the best-suited pest control treatment. Call 0480 015 729. to book an appointment or discuss a wide range of pest control solutions for your home or office.

bendigo’s Most Trusted Pest Control Services

bendigo Most Trusted Pest Control Services

Safe And Affordable Pest Control Services

At Pestico Pest Control, we strictly assist with green and eco-friendly methods and solutions, which are highly reliable and efficient at controlling pest infestation. You can trust our over 20 years of expertise in the pest control industry. We understand the client’s needs and offer customized solutions to fit their budget.

We offer a wide range of affordable pest control services, including rodent removal, cockroach removal, possum control, ant elimination, termite extermination, bed bug control, wasp control, silverfish removal, and many more.

At Pestico, we have the goal of redefining the reliability in the pest control industry by:

  • Providing top-notch pest control services Hobart
  • Offer affordable pest control in Hobart
  • Provide the best guidance on the first visit to ensure effective service

Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Melbourne?

Fully licensed, friendly, and professional

Fully licensed, friendly, and professional

Use the safest pest control products to ensure the safety of your loved ones

Use the safest pest control products to ensure the safety of your loved ones

Customized pest control in Hobart Customized pest control in Hobart

Customized pest control in Hobart

Offer pest control services in and around Hobart

Offer pest control services in and around Hobart

Safe and effective treatment

Safe and effective treatment

Same day pest control Hobart

Same day pest control Hobart

Pet-friendly pest control techniques

Pet-friendly pest control techniques

Certified and knowledgeable technicians

Certified and knowledgeable technicians

Professional residential pest control Hobart

Professional residential pest control Hobart

Affordable commercial pest control Hobart

Affordable commercial pest control Hobart

Available 24x7 to offer emergency pest control Hobart

Available 24×7 to offer emergency pest control Hobart

Cost-effective pest control services Hobart

Cost-effective pest control services Hobart

Trustworthy Pest Control Service Provider

Pest can invade any property, whether it is commercial or residential. Further, removing them can be challenging if you do not know how to deal with them. If you are in the same situation, then the best way to eradicate pests from the premises is to hire the best pest control company Hobart.
At Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we offer safe pest control services to homes and businesses. Our well-trained and qualified pest controller makes use of highly advanced equipment and tools to eliminate pests like bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, spiders, flies and more. Call on 0480 015 729 and end your search for the best pest control services near me.

Why It is Necessary to Opt for Professional Pest Control Services?

Suppose you notice pests on your premises, it becomes essential to contact the professional exterminators as soon as possible. Even the slightest delay in pest control service can cause huge damage to your property. Another reason why you should consider pest control services is to safeguard your kids and pets from toxic chemicals used in commercial pest control products.
With over two decades of pest control experience, we use safe and efficient ways to remove pests and protect your property. We use pest control products that are government-approved and eco-friendly. Plus, our integrated pest control approach ensures that you get the best pest control treatment.

How Hobart Pestico Pest Control Makes Your Property Pest-free?

You can safeguard your asset with our guaranteed pest control services Hobart. Despite being small in size, these pesky critters are well-efficient in making your life a living hell. They can destroy your property, spoil food, cause serious health issues to you and your loved ones, including pets. In the case of blood-sucking pests, such as ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and bed bugs, the situation can get worse.
At Pestico Pest Control, we have a team of pest controllers whose goal is to make your life happier and healthier. They are skilled at removing pest from your residential and commercial property and making them pest-free.

Now, let us look at how they make your property pest-free:

  • Our pest control Hobart professionals use specialized solutions to exterminate pests, including the tiny ones.
  • They use their experience and training to offer the best same-day pest control Hobart
  • Our team of professionals uses the latest tools and products to offer the best possible result. They make sure no damage is caused to the furniture, the health of your loved ones, and the environment.
  • Offer protection against harmful pests with ongoing pest control treatment and make your abode or office a safe and healthy place.

Call 0480 015 729 to get an obligation-free quote and end your search for the best pest control services near me.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our pest control technicians are well-efficient in providing all sorts of pest control services; whether you are looking for general pest control or seasonal pest control, we have got you covered. Have a look at the pest control services we offer in Hobart:

  • Cockroach pest control
  • Wasp pest control and nest removal
  • Mosquito pest control
  • Borer treatments
  • Flea fumigation
  • Termite inspection and treatment
  • Moth control
  • Spider pest control and web removal
  • Rodent pest control
  • Bee control and beehive removal
  • Tick extermination
  • Silverfish pest control
  • Commercial pest control Hobart
  • Residential pest control Hobart
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection
  • Emergency pest control Hobart

Rodent Pest Control Services Hobart

It is annoying to live in a home that is infested by rodents. They can cause severe damage to anything on your property, from food to clothing, electrical wires to books, and wooden items. Moreover, they carry several pathogens that can spread numerous diseases among the family members and hamper the quality of the environment.

Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional commercial and residential pest control Hobart company. At Pestico, we use the best pest control products to remove rodents from your abode and office. Call 0480 015 729 to know more about the service.

Borer Pest Control Hobart

Borers are pests that damage wood and timber items in the house and office. The first sign of borer infestation is the appearance of holes in the furniture or upholstery. These holes are created by larvae, and multiple cavities may lead to compromising the timber.

At Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we have experienced pest controllers to offer the best pest control service in Hobart. Our professionals remove borer from your property in no time. Plus, they use advanced techniques and methods to remove borer infestation for your property.

Call us and end your search for the best pest control services near me.

Ant Pest Control in Hobart

Ant infestation is the most common problem faced by millions of homeowners and business owners across the globe. It can invade any part of the home, and you may notice them wandering around food or sweet items. They can bite and cause discomfort to your loved ones.

At Pestico, we provide complete ant removal from your property. Our experienced emergency pest control Hobart technicians use the latest tools and products to eradicate ants. Plus, they use eco-friendly and safe products to exterminate ants in less than 24 hours.

Silverfish Pest Control Services Hobart

Another most requested service is silverfish pest control. Silverfish usually stay in dark and moist places such as wardrobes, bathrooms, cupboards, and attic. They do not harm humans but can cause a lot of damage to personal belongings. Thus, it is essential to hire the best pest control company, Hobart.

Pestico’s technicians work day and night to ensure that your property is pest-free. They are equipped with the latest tools to eradicate silverfish in no time. Call us today for a same-day pest inspection and control service.

Spider Pest Control in Hobart

Most of us have deep-seated fears of spiders, and their presence can send shivers down the spine. Spider infestation inside your house can affect your well-being and peace of mind. Plus, spiders attract other poisonous spiders who eat them as food. So, you should hire a reliable spider control service provider.

At Pestico Pest Control, we use specially designed tools and equipment to remove spiders and their webs. We treat your ceilings, walls, and other places to prevent a recurrence. Hire us and get rid of them from your abode at the most affordable price.

Fleas Fumigation In Hobart

Fleas are one of the most common issues in homes with pets. These blood-sucking pests cause rash and itchiness to your beloved pets. Plus, they can bite humans and cause discomfort.

So, if you are looking for a flea control service in Hobart, contact our professionals today! Our professional pest controllers offer green flea treatment for your pets to avoid any harm to them. Call on 0480 015 729 to get a free quote for flea treatment.

Same Day Pest Control Hobart Services

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is a reputed pest control company in Hobart. We have successfully handled several infestations in the last two decades and offer emergency pest control services to cater to your needs. With our prompt pest control service, you can get rid of all types of pest infestations that are causing havoc at your place. Plus, we do not charge additionally for emergency pest control Hobart service.

Dead Rat Removal Services Hobart

A dead rat on the property is not something that should be ignored. It is a disaster and leaves your home with an unforgiving stench. Plus, the sight of a dead animal can be stomach-churning for several family members. Do you want to get your hands dirty with this unpleasant job? If not, hire us!

Our pest control Hobart technicians are trained and follow safety protocols to remove dead animals from your places. They reach your doorstep within an hour and start inspecting the areas. Plus, we sanitize the area to kill bacteria left behind by the dead rodent. Call on 0480 015 729 to book an appointment.

Expert Residential Pest Control Hobart

Rodents cause a lot of problems at homes in Hobart and surrounding areas. Pestico Pest Control has the latest tools and products for effective and quick rodent control service. For complete protection, we even install bait stations, monitors, and radar.

We even offer a wide range of services to handle general pests, including cockroaches, birds, flies, silverfish, and others that infest residential places in Hobart. Further, we provide safe, prompt, and responsive pest control treatments.

Commercial Pest Control Hobart

Within Hobart, we work closely with several hotels, restaurants, inns, and bars. Our knowledge and experience in pest control make us the most reliable commercial pest control Hobart company. We offer an effective pest control service to ensure that your property stays pest-free and compliant-free.

We even offer pest control service to several departmental stores, food retailers, holes, offices, and commercial establishments, ensuring it is discreet and done with minimal disruption to business or customers.

How Do We Carry Out Pest Control Treatments in Hobart?

Best Pest Control hobart Approach


Our professionals reach your doorstep within an hour and inspect your property for signs of pests. They even look for the source and severity of the infestation. Post that, they determine the best-suite pest control treatment.

Treatment and Extermination

After thoroughly analyzing, our team applies safe and effective chemicals to the affected area. Our experienced professionals understand pest behavior and know their hiding spots. The products used in this process are green, eco-friendly, and completely safe for humans and pets.

Post Treatment Revisit

Once the pest control treatment is completed, our professionals arrange a revisit to your place to ensure there is no recurrence. We make sure that our customers are satisfied and give them the best preventive tips.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Pestico Pest Control Melbourne?

Getting rid of pests can be challenging. If you are planning to do it on your own, you won’t be able to remove them as you are unaware of their hiding spots. Plus, you can never fully exterminate them using home remedies and DIYs.
But, with the professional pest control Hobart technicians the situation is completely different, such as:

  • They know the hiding places of pests.
  • They are equipped with the right tools for pest treatment.
  • Professionals have safe and eco-friendly chemicals to handle pest infestation.
  • They have experience and knowledge about all pest infestations.

Hire The Professionals

Nothing is more frustrating than coming to a home or office that is infested by pests. Fortunately, our pest control Hobart team is here with the experience and eco-friendly product to remove the critters in no time. Call on 0480 015 729 to learn more or to book an appointment.


How much does pest control in Hobart cost?

The cost for pest control depends on several factors, including the type of infestation, the size of the house, and the severity of infestation. However, at Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we offer customized treatments as per the client’s needs and budget. Call on 0480 015 729 to book an appointment or ask for a free on-call quote.

What is a pest inspection service?

Pest inspection service is when licensed professionals analyze all accessible and visible areas of a property to identify the signs of pest infestation.

How to clean the house after pest control?

Avoid mopping or vacuuming the floor immediately after the pest control solution is sprayed. Also, restrict kids and pets from accessing the affected area.

What are signs of termite infestation?

Signs your abode may have a termite infestation

  • Mud tubs
  • Hollow timber
  • The chewing sound coming from the timber
Do I need to wash clothes post fumigation service?

No! Your clothes are not affected by the fumigation service. However, to be extra careful, you can wash your clothes.

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