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Are you tired of getting sleepless nights due to pests? Does the presence of critters on your premises make you uncomfortable? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is the leading and the best pest control Brisbane company. We offer efficient and reliable solutions for all pest issues across Brisbane and the suburbs. Further, our pest control Brisbane technicians are trained and certified in pest management.

At Pestico Pest Control, we offer 24/7 emergency pest control Brisbane services to cater to your needs within a day. Plus, we customize the treatments to fit your budget.

The Leading Pest Control Brisbane Company

We offer a wide range of pest control services, Brisbane, including:

  • Rodent pest control in Brisbane
  • Redback spider extermination and treatment
  • Bird removal service
  • Termite removal and treatment
  • Bed bug control
  • Cockroaches control and removal
  • Flea fumigation
  • Pre-purchase inspection and pest treatment
  • Possum relocation, removal, and treatment
  • End of lease pest control in Brisbane
  • Commercial pest control Brisbane
  • Residential pest control Brisbane

Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Melbourne?

100% guaranteed hassle-free pest control services

100% guaranteed hassle-free pest control services

Over two decades of industry experience

Over two decades of industry experience

Flexible pest inspection appointment

Flexible pest inspection appointment

Fully licensed and insured 

Fully licensed and insured 

Trained and certified pest control

Trained and certified pest control Brisbane team

Clean and discreet service vehicle

Clean and discreet service vehicles

Latest tools and products

Latest tools and products

Payment convenience with a wide range of options

Payment convenience with a wide range of options

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne Can Put an End to All Your Pest Issue Today!

Tried all DIY methods? Still could see pest crawlies on your property. Is the infestation getting severe even after the home remedies? Are you looking for the best pest control Brisbane company? Pestico Pest Control is the most trusted company and has solutions for all your pests’ issues.

Pests can hinder your peace and hamper your daily routine. Plus, they can cause serious health complications that can burn a hole in your wallet. So, instead of opting for DIY methods, hire Pestico Pest Control for effective pest control in Brisbane.

We offer the finest pest control solutions that can purge the pest along with their breeding nest. Moreover, our pest control Brisbane team uses pest control products that are safe for your loved ones, including the four-legged family members. Plus, our pest control services are effective, prompt, and reliable.

Exceptional Pest Inspection and Pest Control Services in Brisbane

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is the premier service provider and offers top-notch pest inspection and control solutions across Brisbane and the suburbs. Our pest control Brisbane employees go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best pest control treatment in Brisbane.

We provide a wide range of pest control services, including rodent control, possum removal, bed bug control, termite removal, flea fumigation, bird control, and others to prevent the spread of infections and offer you peace of mind.

At Pestico, we even offer pet-friendly service, so if you are looking for reliable pet-friendly pest control services near me, then contact us. Along with safe pest control, we offer affordable end-of-lease pest control service and same-day pest control Brisbane service. Get in touch with our professionals to book an appointment. You can even ask for a free on-call quote and discuss the best solutions for your abode.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service in Brisbane

Our pest control treatments and solutions are second to none. Plus, we offer effective and prompt sanitization and disinfestation services at commercial and residential places. We are not just experts in general pest removal but also know ways to handle all-weather pests, including rats, mice, mosquitoes, bees, and more.

Our disinfectants and sanitizers are government-approved and 100% effective in killing all pests. Plus, they ensure that the property stays pest-free for a longer duration. We have a team of trained and proficient pest controllers to offer you the best pest control treatment always. Further, they are experienced and offer 100% customer satisfaction. So, if you are looking for the best pest control services near me, then you know who to call!

During wet and cold seasons, wild creatures take shelter on your property. Do not worry! You can contact us. We even offer alive and dead animal removal services in Brisbane.

Our Professional Pest Control Approach

Our pest control Brisbane team has an understanding and knowledge about all pest infestations. Plus, they are trained to stay abreast with the latest technological development in the pest control industry. Moreover, you can trust them fully, regardless of where you want the service – residential or commercial.

Best Pest Control Brisbane Approach_


Once the pest control appointment is confirmed, our experts reach your property within a couple of hours to analyse the infestation.

Pest treatment

Based on the type of infestation, our specialists determine the best course of action to control it. Plus, we use eco-friendly and safe pest control solutions to eradicate pests from your establishment.

Preventive tips

Once the pest control treatment is completed, our professionals offer precautionary tips to ensure that pests do not recur.

Post Inspection

For complete satisfaction and pest removal, our experts revisit the place and examine the property to ensure there are no signs of recurrence.

When you spot pests crawling on your commercial or residential property, contact us on 0480 015 729. We offer the best and reliable pest control in Brisbane.

Our Pest Control Brisbane Services

Our professional pest control technicians use the right set of tools and equipment to control the infestation. The pest control services offered by us are effective, affordable, and delivered on the same day. So, feel free to book a cost-effective same-day pest control Brisbane service.

Are you stressed over pests crawling on the floor and the attic? Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is prepared and knows multiple methods of eliminating these critters from your house. Let us look at a few of our pest control services Brisbane.

Rodents Pest Control

Rats and mice are categorized under the rodent family. These pests can cause deadly diseases, including Bubonic plague. Further, they are nocturnal, and spotting them can be a challenging task. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional.

If you notice any of these signs, contact our pest control technicians immediately. At Pestico, we understand the possible threats rodents bring with them; therefore, we offer the best rodent pest control solution to protect your family from different diseases.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Bed bugs are tiny pests, mostly found around the bedding, curtains, and bed. They are nocturnal and come to feed on humans when they fall asleep after a long exhausting day. Their presence in the house can aggravate allergy symptoms and cause sleep deprivation.

At Pestico Pest Control, we have the latest and highly effective tools to eliminate them from your home. So, if your house is infested by bed bugs, do not throw away the bedding yet! Get in touch with our professional for the best pest control Brisbane service.

Cockroaches Control and Treatment

Just like most pests, even these come out during the night looking for food. You may see a few crawling over kitchen appliances at night. They do not harm humans directly but can contaminate the food, leading to several health issues, including food poisoning. They are a pretty common pest across Brisbane and can be found at both commercial and residential properties.

Is the presence of cockroaches making you uncomfortable in your own house? Hire Pestico Pest Control Melbourne technicians today! We use government-approved and safe tools to eliminate cockroaches from the abode. Plus, we make sure that they do not find their way back into your house. Call us on 0480 015 729 today!

Termites Pest Control

Termites are considered the most dangerous pests. They multiple without being noticed and cause a lot of destruction. If you notice termite tracks on the furniture, do not disturb, call us! When interrupted they move to other parts of the house and tracking them becomes challenging.

Also, avoid using DIY techniques to remove termites as they are ineffective and may further damage the property. At Pestico, we have an experienced team of technicians who are proficient at termite annihilation administration. Get in touch with us and end your search for the best pest control services near me.

Borer Pest Control Brisbane

Borers are tiny insects that feed on wood and timber. The most common sign of borer infestation is the appearance of holes in the timber. At Pestico Pest Control, we have expert technicians to offer the best pest control services near me. They use the latest and highly advanced techniques to remove borers from your property.

Scorpion Control

Scorpions, the name is enough to strike fear in a person’s heart. They are found in a warm and humid environment, such as shallow tunnels, nurseries, and under the logs. Handling them without professional aid can prove fatal.

If you notice a scorpion inside the house, immediately call us. Our same-day pest control Brisbane professionals would reach your doorstep within an hour. They are equipped with the required tools to handle them safely.

Silverfish Pest Control Brisbane

One of the most asked pest control services in Brisbane is the Silverfish control service. They are the most common pest found around the house that feeds on your valuables, causing loss to your property.

Controlling silverfish infestation is not an easy task; hence, you should hire a professional pest control service provider to do so. With years of experience and skills, you can trust professionals. Call us today for the effective and complete removal of these annoying critters.

Fleas Infestation Pest Control in Brisbane

If you have a pet at your home, then your house is most likely to get flea infestation. The common indication of a flea infestation is your pets scratching continuously. Fleas cannot cause fatal disease among humans but can cause skin rashes, itching, redness, and more.

Pestico Pest Control offers top-level flea control treatment on the same day of booking. If fleas are causing discomfort to your four-legged family member, you must hire a professional pest controller.

Bee Pest Control Services Brisbane

Bee infestation should never be ignored as it is a serious threat to the health of your loved ones. Their sting can cause agonizing pain and discomfort.

Bees can make their hive inside or near the house. They look for a place with easy access to food.

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne offers the best bee control treatment to remove them. Plus, we even take preventive steps to ensure that they do not build a hive on your property.

Moth Control Brisbane

The presence of moths in the house is a matter of concern as it may cause several health issues among loved ones. There are several types of moth species, but only a handful of species infest the homes. Removing moths and their eggs is challenging; therefore, it is advisable to get professional aid.

Our emergency pest control Brisbane technicians are equipped and qualified to remove all moth species that invade your homes and offices. Contain the damage and prevent diseases caused by moths by hiring Pestico Pest Control technicians today!

Tick Treatment Service

Ticks attach themselves to the skin of the animal and suck their blood. They hide underneath the fur, making it difficult to detect. If you notice ticks on your loving pets, then either trim your pet’s hair, remove ticks using various solutions, or hire a professional. At Pestico, we have specialized tools and products for controlling their population.

Same Day Pest Control Brisbane Services

Living with pests can be the most annoying thing. Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional at the first sight of infestation. To remove critters quickly, we offer emergency pest control Brisbane service at commercial and residential places.

We are available 24×7 to provide the best pest eradication service. Pests within the house or office can cause different types of damages, including damage to health. That is why we use effective eco-friendly chemicals and methods to remove these pesky critters.

At Pestico, we have a dedicated team of professionals to cater to your needs and offer the most desired results. So, book us today for the best same-day pest control services near me.

Seasonal Pests in And Around Brisbane

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne not only specializes in general pest control but also at season pest control services Brisbane. Some common seasonal pests in and around Brisbane include wasps, termites, bed bugs, rodents, etc. However, it is seen that a few of these pests come out in different seasons too. Therefore, we offer a unique pest control service to resolve the issues. Hire us and say no to seasonal pests.

Home Fumigation Treatment

At Pestico, we offer the most effective home fumigation treatment. Our pest control technicians use specially designed tools to fumigate and eradicate nasty pests. Moreover, our fumigation pest control services are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets. Book an appointment today at 0480 015 729.

Commercial Pest Control Brisbane

Pests can infest anywhere, sparing nothing, not even your workplace. The common crawlies that invade offices include mice, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, possums, etc. The presence of pests puts a mark on your hygiene level and may harm your business’s reputation.

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne offers the best and the most affordable commercial pest control Brisbane services. Some of the commercial places we cover are:

Residential Pest Control Brisbane

At Pestico, we have a special team of professionals to offer the best pest control services. For us, the health of your family and pets is important. Thus, we thoroughly inspect the premises and then apply the best-suited pest control treatment to manage the infestation.

Further, we are available 24×7 to offer you service on a single call. Hire us and make your home pest-free today!

Areas That Our Professionals Inspect Before Starting Emergency Pest Control Brisbane Services

Our professional technicians look into every nook and corner for signs of infestation. Inspecting these areas helps determine the type of pests, cause for infestation, source of the infestation, and the habitat of the pests. It also helps us determine the most suitable method to control pests.

  • Interior of the building
  • The exterior of the building
  • Roof void and exterior
  • Timber walls (all accessible timber)
  • Under-floor space
  • Driveways, fencing, and backyard

Hire Pestico Pest Control Melbourne and Resolve Pest Issues in One Go

We are the most trusted pest control service provider in Brisbane, and with a team of experienced and trained professionals, we offer services second to none. Further, our pest control technicians use the most advanced tools and methods to provide remarkable results. Our 100% customer satisfaction and unbeatable service make us the best pest control Brisbane company.

We even offer same-day pest control service across Brisbane. Plus, for us, the ultimate reward is our happy and satisfied customers. If you are looking for emergency pest control Brisbane service, then do not worry! We are available throughout the day. Hire us today for the best pest control in Brisbane.

Hire Pestico Pest Control Melbourne and Resolve Pest Issues in One Go_


Do you offer a complete pest removal service?

Yes, Pestico Pest Control offers a 100% customer satisfaction and pests removal guarantee. Further, we use the latest and efficient tools to remove pests from your abode.

How can I book a pest inspection service?

You can contact us on 0480015729 and talk to our representative to book pest inspection and control services in Brisbane.

Do you offer residential pest control Brisbane service?

Pestico Pest Control offers affordable and same-day pest control services across Brisbane. Call on 0480015729 and book our same-day residential pest control Brisbane service.

What to do if there is a dead rodent in the house?

Handling dead animals without professional aid increases the risk of cross-contamination. Pestico Pest Control Melbourne provides deceased animal removal services at residential and commercial places.

Do you use safe products for bug control?

At Pestico, we use effective, safe, and eco-friendly pest control products. For more information, call on 0480015729 today.

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