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    Professional Flea Management

    Do you notice an increase in the number of fleas on your property and are looking for the best flea control in Elwood? Are you afraid that fleas may threaten your dogs’ health?

    Pestico Pest Control Elwood has numerous years of experience and skilled professionals. At Pestico Pest Control, we provide the most effective flea pest control Elwood services. We make a difference by ensuring a sanitary, healthy environment for Elwood’s residents and businesses.

    Our customers receive individualised flea treatment services depending on the kind of flea, the extent of the infestation, and other parameters.

    Why Is Flea Treatment Required?

    Fleas are microscopic, wingless parasites that rarely fly or attack people. Though they do not directly cause severe health problems in people, you should nonetheless minimise the presence of fleas in your area. These parasites feed on the blood of your pets to survive and may cause moderate discomfort to fatal illnesses in them.

    • An increase in the fleas population in an area can irritate humans, but there is little chance of severe health problems.
    • In addition to the direct effects, these parasites may carry tapeworm eggs and transfer them onto your pets, resulting in a tapeworm infection.
    • According to studies, fleas can become carriers of germs that cause “cat scratch fever” in people.
    • In rare situations, fleas may bite humans, causing swelling in the face, lips, and hands. If you have been bitten, get medical attention immediately.

    Fleas prefer places with moderate temperatures and high humidity, making residents of Elwood more vulnerable to fleas than residents of inland cities such as Alice Springs.

    Major Flea Species Present in Elwood

    Do you know what are the most common flea species in Elwood? This information might help you convey your needs to a flea pest treatment business before you choose a flea exterminatorElwood.

    The following are the most noticeable flea species in Elwood:

    Cat Flea – The cat flea is Australia’s most prevalent flea species, attacking rats, dogs, and other animals but seldom humans. The flea is reddish-brown in colour and 1-2mm in length, with domestic cats as its primary host.

    Dog Fleas – Dog fleas resemble cat fleas but are less frequent. They prey on a broad range of animals, most notably domestic dogs, and cats.

    Human Fleas – Human fleas are less frequent than dog and cat fleas due to higher household hygiene standards in recent decades. They often prey on pigs, dogs, rats, mice, domestic cats, a variety of other animals, and birds.

    If your pet is continually scratching any part of his or her body, you should check for flea bites and call the best flea control in Elwood.

    The Pestico’s Flea Pest Control Elwood Method

    We provide a thorough flea control service at Pestico Pest Control Elwood. We understand how important your family’s and pet’s health and well-being are to you, and we strive to reciprocate those sentiments via our services.

    1. Inspection

    As soon as you contact us with a request for flea control, we will begin with our flea treatment for your home or office to ensure that your environment is healthy and clean. Our professional flea management practitioners will come to your home at your convenience.

    During the examination, our professionals will identify the flea type, check your dogs for bites, document the flea’s features and invasion patterns.

    2. Treatment Strategy

    Based on the inspection, we will develop a personalised flea treatment strategy to manage the pests in your surroundings. The treatment technique, instructions to the residents, completion timetable, predicted outcomes, and other details will be included in the plan.

    We will convey all the facts to you before the commencement of the therapy and will answer any questions you may have about it.

    3. The Methodology

    We select expert treatment services to eradicate the pest based on the kind of flea and the amount of the infestation. Vacuuming your property, using flea bombs and foggers, and other measures are all part of safe therapy. We also utilise heat therapy to eliminate fleas in your surroundings.

    When it comes to chemical treatment, we only employ insecticides that are safe and approved for you and your pets. Our thorough treatment method includes the elimination of adult fleas, eggs, larvae, and pupae.

    4. Ongoing Prevention

    If you do not apply continuous preventative techniques, the therapy would not provide you with assured outcomes for long. While frequent cleaning and mopping of your area can help to restrict the growth of fleas, we will tailor your recommendations and measures to your individual environment following the flea infestation treatment.

    Why choose Pestico Pest Control Elwood?

    At Pestico Pest Control, we create a difference with our flea pest control Elwood service, and you will find that our services closely fit your needs in the following ways:

    • Same-day and next-day service is available.
    • Pest control technicians that are trained, qualified, and have vast experience.
    • Procedures for insect control that are both safe and family friendly.
    • Prices that are all-inclusive and provided upfront.
    • Local pest control company
    • Service that is kind and straightforward
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Make Your Environment Flea-Free

    Call us immediately at 0480015729 or fill out our online quotation form to inform us about your professional flea management needs. We will offer you a transparent quotation and return your property to a healthy, sanitary state.


    1. How does a professional flea exterminator Elwood get rid of fleas in the home?

    Answer: Because of the life cycle of fleas, over-the-counter medications are ineffective in controlling them. Whenever feasible, instead of using flea bombs and foggers, the best approach to get rid of a flea infestation is by constant vacuuming, treatment with a long-acting pesticide, and prevention.

    2. How do you determine the severity of a flea infestation?

    Answer: Clusters of red pimples will appear on your feet, ankles, and legs. If this occurs to you, you may have bugs on your sofa or bed. If you detect a lot of red lumps on your skin, the flea infestation is out of your hands. Contact a professional flea exterminator Elwood company for reliable pest control service.

    3. Will fleas disappear on their own?

    Answer: The fleas will ultimately die out since they cannot take a blood meal from people (they need a blood meal to create eggs), but your human family may be bitten regularly until that happens.

    4. How can you prevent a flea infestation from occurring?

    Answer: Maintain the cleanliness of your property. Vacuum your home daily, especially if you have deep pile carpets, and make sure your pet’s favourite areas are cleaned at regular intervals, aired out, and preferably get enough sunshine.

    5. Is it possible for fleas to survive on carpet?

    Answer: Fleas can deposit up to 50 eggs every day beneath their animal host’s fur. The eggs fall into floor gaps and carpets as dogs wander about inside. Fleas love high pile carpets because they provide an excellent hiding spot. If you notice signs of flea infestation, immediately contact the best flea control in Elwood.

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