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    In recent years, Earlston’s rat population has reached all-time highs. The frightening issue is that they have grown significantly in size and can cause worrying circumstances that cause considerable structural and property damage. Rats have a habit of infiltrating different constructions and gnawing and cutting things to make secure nests. So, if you see even one rat on your home, contact the rat removal Earlston experts at Pestico Pest Control Earlston. Our rodent pest treatment approach is comprehensive and intended to eliminate the infestation the first time.

    Importance of Rat Removal Service

    Several kinds of rats have been identified in Australia. Aside from causing property damage, they also carry hazardous infections such as salmonella, leptospirosis, TB, and tapeworms. Other pests such as mites, fleas, and ticks are also introduced into the premises by the rats. They can get into your house by squeezing through tiny gaps. They swiftly expand in numbers as well, with the capacity to generate up to 200 young in four months.

    Problems Associated with Dead Rats

    The horrible odour associated with decomposing flesh is the most visible concern linked with deceased rats, yet it is also the least dangerous.

    Property owners must be more mindful of the illnesses that corpses might transmit to adjacent persons and pets. Individuals should never handle dead rats since they may be infected with rabies or worms. Decomposition also draws nuisance insects such as beetles, flies, mites, moths, and even certain wasp species. So, if you notice a dead animal on your property, immediately contact expert pest controllers for dead rat removal services.

    Our Dead Rat Removal Earlston Process

    Our qualified dead rat removal experts will detect, control, and remove the pest in no time due to their years of expertise dealing with various sorts of pests and understanding of pest management and removal. Here is the process they follow for efficient outcomes:

    1. Find the Carcass:

    It is critical to search the property and the ceiling to identify the dead carcass. The decomposing body attracts bacteria, viruses, ants, flies, and other flesh-eating insects that may make residents ill. Our trained professional will conduct the Sniff Test to spot the dead rat or look for an odd number of insects congregated in a given area.

    2. Removing the Carcass:

    Once they have identified the body, they dispose of it as soon as possible; otherwise, the stink will remain and become worse, drawing additional bugs and insects to your abode. The removal process involves removal of the dead rat, sanitising, and deodorising the area to eliminate the unforgiving smell.

    3. Object Removal

    As rats contaminate the objects they touch and dwell in, removing these objects is equally as important as removing the carcass. Therefore, our dead rat removal experts go ahead and do so.

    Dead Animal Prevention

    Even after removing a dead animal, there is still a chance that animals will enter your home.

    • Using caulk to seal any gaps
    • Using mesh wire to cover chimney apertures
    • Replacement of shattered windows and door screens
    • Purchasing securely fitting garbage can lids
    • Pruning tree branches so that nothing drapes over roofs
    • Debris removal from yards
    • Getting rid of clutter in the basement and attics
    • Ignoring exclusions and prevention exposes your property to future wildlife pest invasions.

    Signs Of Rat Infestation

    The presence of two or more rats can swiftly lead to a rat infestation. It is critical to act quickly to avert this situation. However, it may be difficult to notice one or two rats because they are adept at concealing and are nocturnal. Keep an eye out for the following indicators, which are dead giveaways of the presence of a rat.

    • Rat excreta are visible since they are about the size of a big rice grain and are dark brown or black in colour.
    • Rats have strong teeth and frequently griddle with them. If you hear a grinding or bruxing sound, especially late at night, it is almost certainly a rat.
    • Rats, like other pests, prefer to live in colonies; if you suspect an infestation, the simplest method to confirm it is to search for their tracks. You might be able to figure out their tail markings by sprinkling chalk dust on them.
    • Examine the skirting and walls for filth. Rats enjoy running around the borders of the wall. As a result of the filth and oil on their body, they may leave a dirty mark on the wall.
    • If you observe furniture damage, nibbled plastic, or electrical wires, this might be a symptom of a rat infestation. Because rats’ teeth develop throughout their lives, they must gnaw on items to maintain them formed and sharp.
    • If you detect a nasty odour, you are probably near a rat’s nest. Breeding rats construct nests in which they multiply and raise their young. These can be in a dark and warm room with food and water, such as a kitchen or a storeroom.
    • Brown rats frequently dwell in tunnels; they have incredibly keen claws and may dig in backyards, decks, and gardens, and if you see a not-so-deep hole, it is almost certainly the work of a rat.
    • The last and most visible indicator of a rat infestation is the presence of living rats hanging around or a decaying dead carcass of a rat emitting a terrible odour.

    Why Choose us for Dead Rat Removal Services?

    1. Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    At Pestico Pest Control Earlston, we provide 24-hour service, so if you find a dead rat in your garage at 3 a.m., phone us and we will send a specialist out!

    2. Removal of Dead Animals at a Low Cost

    Some businesses offer lower costs dead rat removal services. Plus, they use the latest safety gear and eco-friendly tools to dispose of the dead rat from your property.

    3. Assurance of Success

    We promise that we will eliminate all signs of the animal and thoroughly clean and sterilise the area. If we do not, we will send a technician back at no extra charge!

    Trust the Professionals at Pestico Pest Control Earlston!

    We are a professional pest control business that provides dead rat removal services in and around the Earlston area. Everything from raccoons to skunks to squirrels to rats will be removed. We will get rid of them all around your property, including your house, attic, shed, garage, and beneath your deck or porch. Call on 0480015729 to avail of our safe and discreet dead rat removal Earlston service.


    1. Can I become sick from inhaling the odour of a dead animal?

    Answer: You cannot get a disease from the smell of a dead animal. Your sense of smell evolved to alert you to the presence of something harmful. If it stinks, it’s unhealthy for you.

    2. Who is responsible for removing dead rats from under the house?

    Answer: Property owners should hire expert dead rat removalists to remove carcasses from their property. Professionals are equipped with the gear needed to dispose of dead rodents in a safe, legal, and sanitary manner.

    3. How long does it take for a dead animal’s odour to go away?

    Answer: Depending on the size of the animal and the environmental conditions in the location where it died, the dead animal might emit a lingering odour that can continue for many days to weeks or months. The repulsive odour will stay until the animal carcass is completely dried.

    4. Is it okay to leave a dead rat inside the wall?

    Answer: The good news is that you would not have to live with the stench of decomposition for the rest of your life, and you do not have to knock down your walls, floors, or ceilings or put your house up for sale. A dead rodent — mouse, squirrel, rat, or other – will often create a terrible stench for a week to a couple of weeks. Contact a professional dead rat removal Earlston company to remove it in a sanitary manner.

    5. What happens if a rodent dies in the wall?

    Answer: A professional dead rat removal experts can assist you if you are having difficulty discovering or removing the corpse from your walls. They usually make a hole in the wall, spray a neutralising or masking substance, and then re-plaster the area once it has been treated.

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