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    What are the dangerous impacts of silverfish on humans?

    These scary pests fly for their safety and so, there is a chance of getting yourselves hurt while trying to catch them. They move fast and find hiding place in the holes, splits and gaps of the floor. Silverfish influxes can impact you in a multiple ways-

    These pests stay in a hiding during daytime and come out during the nighttime. Also it is difficult to chase them and kill them as they fly around and go in a hiding if alarmed.  They build their nests nearby a food supply. Moreover, they can harm books, clothing, papers, foods in kitchen and also wallpapers. They consume fibers, silky threads, foods containing starch, glue and also bindings of books. Moreover, silverfish make tiny holes in the objects which they eat and result in formation of yellowish stains.  The silverfish stay in fabric piles and might also damage it.  They can also cause allergies in humans and are one of the causes of asthma.

    Not only this, but silverfish can also scale walls, ceilings and wallpapers, and dwell in them for a considerably long period of time.  Furthermore, they become prey for other pests like cockroaches and spiders which then increase spreading of other harmful diseases.

    How to recognize a silverfish infestation?

    Silver fish are nocturnal creatures and their recognition is slightly difficult. However, here are some factors which can help you in identifying their infestation.

    Shed skin and excrete remains

    The shed skin and feces of silverfish appear much similar to pepper. So, if you notice these remains in your home, then there is a chance of having a silverfish infestation in your home.

    Gaps or holes

    Presence of cause holes in the walls or wallpaper. Thus, if you notice any cracks or holes in the walls, you can determine a silverfish infestation at that site.

    Stains and discoloration

    Silverfish infestation can lead to staining and discoloration of fabrics, books, and wallpapers.

    Built up of moisture

    Silverfish like to dwell in moisture and get caught in sinks and bathtubs. Therefore, search in such moist and wet areas where you can definitely find silverfish infestation.

    Check your clothes and piles of fabrics

    Silverfish pests consume fabrics made of cotton, silk or linen.. So to look for such an infestation, recheck your wardrobes and closets where you usually store your fabrics.

    Inspect places which might contain glue

    Glue and gum are favorite food of silverfish pests. Thus, search in the furniture and some areas where there might be a presence of glue.

    Paper boxes

    Most probable locations of silverfish infestation consist of paper boxes, newspapers, magazines, and bindings of books. Thus, searching in such locations can make it easy for you to recognize the places for silverfish infestation.

    How to eliminate silverfish?

    Silverfish control in Melbourne can be carried out using the following processes:

    Stay away from humidity built up

    Silverfish thrive in the humid regions. So, if you could avoid moisture from growing in your place, then silverfish outspread can be prohibited to a great extent. Following, we have enlisted some steps which can help you to prevent moisture built up in your home or office.

    Eradicate leakage in any part of the home.
    Maintain adequate aeration in closed rooms.
    Avoid accumulation of water for a larger span of time.
    Utilize a humidifier if and where necessary.

    Using vacuum cleaner

    You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean their infestation from gaps, cracks and holes.

    Stock up your food in a proper manner

    Silverfish habitually feed on starch as a food. So, you need to store the food in air-tight and sealed utensils to avoid infestation and outspread of silverfish in Melbourne.

    Removal from harborage places

    Places such as closed windows, wardrobes, cabinets, moldings should be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid infestation and make the place less likely for infestation of the pests.

    Dry up things in the sun

    To avoid moisture built up in food or fabrics, you can expose them to sun which can prevent mold formation and silverfish infestation.

    Carry out non-chemical procedure

    You can try using products like diatomaceous earth and borate-based goods which are very helpful in eliminating these insects and pests.

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    Which are other ways of controlling silverfish in Melbourne?

    Pro-active silverfish spray

    Spraying a solution in areas and keeping the kids and pets away from that area is a good and effective idea.  Let the product dry out entirely. You can apply chemicals to the wall and also to the floor junctions which are beneath washing machines, dish washers or cookers after every 30 days to make sure that silverfish are completely eradicated.

    Try using Cyper WP

    This is a powder which is visible on the dark surfaces. You can spray it on the entry points and also on the baseboards to eliminate silverfish infestation.

    Prevent accumulation of dust

    Use dust in places where silverfish might hide commonly. Such places can be attic insulation, behind the refrigerators, ovens, electronic outlets and also light fixtures. Also, you can utilize products like D-Fense dust and the Cimexa Dust on region where there is necessity of silverfish control Melbourne.


    Baits draw attention of the silverfish. These pests consume them and pass away on the spot. You can use some baits like Intice Perimeter 10 and Invict Xpress.

    You can utilize the procedures and methods given above to get rid of these creepy pests. However, in case condition is out of control and it is difficult to handle the silverfish infestation on your own, then connect with Pestico Pest Control in Melbourne.  We are a leading Pest control expert in Melbourne. We are a skilled, certified and expert pest controller who can handle all types of pest.

    Easy and handy tips to control silverfish infestation-

    You can eradicate or control the silverfish infestation from your homes or office by following the steps mentioned below

    Check your litter and trash and never leave paper piles in a damp or dark place.
    Clean the bookshelves, cupboards and closets regularly.
    Get rid of cracks, gaps and holes in rooms, garages or any other places where there might be silverfish infestation.
    Store food in airtight containers and cupboards. Don’t allow paper trash to gather in offices or homes.
    Hire professional help from Pestico Pest Control’s expert pest controllers.

    We are an experienced pest control firm in Melbourne which employs eco-friendly and effective products to get rid of unwanted pests and insects in your home or office. So connect with us now and avail our services now.

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