What to Do Before and After Pest Control Treatment?

Pests can be a real nuisance when they start occupying human habitats and houses. Cockroaches, pest birds, ants, possums, rats and mice are some nuisance pests in Australia. Households with pests may get higher medical bills and at times also higher expenses on replacement of damaged items around the house.

Nevertheless, professional pest control services are highly beneficial and helpful in keeping pests out of your door. Read this blog to understand what are the things that need to be done before and after a pest control treatment?

What to do before a pest control treatment?

Common area 

  • Pests tend to use holes and gaps in walls for breeding and shelter. Hence, moving any furniture and electronic appliances in the common area that touch its wall can be helpful. Doing so can provide your assigned professionals with better access to cracks, crevices and holes in walls. This will ensure that your appliances and furniture do not come in contact with chemicals.
  • Large possessions should be kept 3-4 feet from walls and windows. This will enable the pest controllers to look for pest activity easily.


  • Move small and moveable appliances to another area. If it is not possible to move them wrap them securely with plastic. 
  • Unplug the refrigerator and dispose all the leftovers inside. Make sure to store chips, spices, condiments and other unperishable items in the fridge.
  • Clear out the dining table and kitchen countertops. Keep all the cooking vessels, containers, tableware, dishes, serving dishes, glasses, etc. in a different room. Pest control professionals do not spray these storage items. They usually spray the shelves and cabinets because these places draw pests, eggs and their larvae.


  • Store clothes, toys, cosmetics, beauty and skincare products in a separate cupboard. Apply cello tape on the gaps in doors and drawers so no chemical can get inside.


  • Store bed sheets, pillows, mattresses, linen etc. in another room which would not be sprayed. Wrap them in a secure plastic covering if there is no room for storage. 
  • You also need to use plastic to wrap chairs, dining table, sofas and other furniture.


  • Vacuum the carpets and flooring before the pest controller arrives. Dispose the waste contents of the vacuum in a wide plastic bag.
  • Also mop and scrub the carpets which can be useful in getting pest eggs to the surface. 

Kids & Pets

  • Make sure you instruct your kids to remain away from the pest control site. Children may unknowingly deter the pest controllers from doing their job. Hence, ensure they remain elsewhere or with the neighbors.
  • Cover the pet food, bedding, and bowls so they do not come in contact with chemicals. 
  • Have your friends or neighbors look after your cats, dogs and other pets for the duration of the treatment. 
  • Make sure to cover fish tanks and cages with a thin sheet so that they do not get exposed to the products used during pest control.

What to do after a pest control treatment?

  • The chemicals used by pest controllers for eliminating pests are highly toxic for humans. Hence you should wait for a few hours before it is safe to enter your home again. 
  • Do not clean, mop or wipe out the treated area as that may remove the applied products entirely.
  • If there are any food products that got exposed to the pest control chemicals, make sure to trash them immediately. 
  • Repair any leaks, holes and cracks to prevent pests from coming back. 
  • Trash all possible clutter from your home that pests can use to make their nests.
  • Take care not to touch the treated objects with naked hands. Wear gloves while unwrapping treated things and packages.
  • Ask your pest controller for preventative guidelines and measures to carry out in the weeks after so that pests do not return to your property. 

Pest infestations are difficult to eliminate without the help of a professional pest controller. Make sure to hire one after thorough research. Ask your pest control professional a lot of questions because you need to know what all procedures are used and what kind of precautions you need to take to enhance the effectiveness of the applied products.

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