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    Possums live in the forest. These rodents look good and innocuous, but they’re not. Raccoons cause a lot of disturbance in your house once they are added. We’re Melbourne’s Finest Possum Catcher! To determine the source of possum entry, Possum Removal Melbourne experts regularly examine your area. So that you will not have to contend with any court action, we use the best way to regulate or kill them.

    Under the Wildlife Act of 1975, certain animals are federally protected. We are specialists in healthy possum removal. With no concealed expense, our possum removal Melbourne service price is advertise. All across Melbourne, we offer safe, reliable, and same-day possum removal Melbourne services. We are professionals in eliminating all kinds of possums from your suburban buildings.

    Then contact the professionals at Possum Removal Melbourne as soon as you get the impression that possums are there in your business and residential location. We are always delighted to serve you. From our possum controllers, you will receive the best and reliable service. Schedule same day in Melbourne or the emergency possum removal service.

    Few things that one should know about Possums

    According to study, possum excrement are shown to bear infection that can produce ulcers that consume flesh.
    If an individual is exposed to the faeces of a possum, he will suffer from severe-term impairment of functionality.
    Murdering possums is a criminal behaviour, so when handling them, you have to take the extreme care.
    By lying over the floor, they work like dead.
    Possums display their defensive measures by standing on their feet, and they bare their jaws as well.
    Possums have fragile mechanisms of protection, thereby rendering them dangerous to you.

    Few likes of Possums

    Camphor leaves- They are among the favourite foods that they like to eat. They love to eat gardenias, fuchsia roses and passion fruit from your lawn.

    Tree hollows- To rest and build their nest, Possums use tree hollows. The possums in one year build the Eucalypt hollows, and for them it is a fierce opposition.

    The time of night- Mostly during daytime, possums rest and then become involved during the night. During the first part of the night, they also stay more engaged, looking for food.

    Nest-boxes-If the number of tree hollows is less than possums, so instead your roof, they will live in the nesting boxes.

    Few dislikes of the Possums

    Do not like smell- Possums do not like any of the stinky plants, such as chrysanthemums, geraniums, mint trees, and margaritas.

    They tend to avoid lights- Possums dislike any sort of illumination, such as spotlights, porch lights, or party reflectors.

    Any kind of trappers- Trappers strip possumes from their territories, which is why they most dislike them. For a possum to be moved is rather difficult. Some of them just don’t thrive.

    Dead possum removal Melbourne services

    Possums are one of the endangered animals, and even if they are creating a disturbance to your land, they are not allowed to murder them. But they often die because of their own activities, such as eating rabbit baits, chasing a dog or cat, or jumping here and there, being stuck in the roof or some part of the building. You may also note, behind the wall, the carcass of possums. In such situations, it gets impossible to find the possums’ rotting body.

    If raccoons have die in or around your house, you’ll get a foul smell for around 2 months. An aggregation of flies over the carcass will also be present. If you get any of the signals, you can call immediately.

    Our experts work 24*7 hours a day. With complete protection, we will removing dead possums. To eliminate possums from your place, we use the best technique. Our professionals sanitise the position after completing the removal service, so that no odour can be remaining there.

    Reasons for the invasion of Possums in your resident

    If you notice any harm in your backyard, then it is the sign that possums live in your residence. Possum consumes the yard's fruits and vegetation.
    If you have droppings in a safe area, there are possums living there. The possum drop looks identical to stinking rubbish.
    Possums are night time rodents that create a screeching sound. They do so in order to engage with others or to seek attention.
    The presence of a possum causes a bad smell. Underneath the chin, they have glands the secrete that scent.
    Possums, by their paws or tail, produce marks. Look after these marks and simply call the professionals.
    A possum 's eye shines, and then look for them throughout the night if you want to verify their existence.
    If you recognise some kind of bite on your plants and outside furniture, then there is a sign of possum. By chewing on a plant matt, they sharpen their teeth or logs of tree.

    What To Do In Case You Locate Any Possum

    The first and main priority you have to do is to locate the possum 's entrance.
    Block all the open access points after locating the entry points, so that they cannot enter again.
    Possums identify their residing territories with the specific kind of smell they naturally produce from their glands. So if you find any such condition, clean the position and sanitise it so that there is no odour left.
    Impede entrance places from which possums can reach your building.
    Keep all the dark places illuminated in nature, as possums are nocturnal; they don't like light.
    Cut the elongated tree branches above the roof of your home, if there are any.
    If you are doing some repair work, the ideal time is at dawn or at the end of the day when possums come out looking for their food.

    Possum Removal Melbourne offers various kind of services for different location

    Government places
    Housing complex
    Industrial places
    Commercial places

    Speciality Of Possum Removal Melbourne

    Locate and remove dead possums
    Remove possum trapped in your roof
    Remove rats from your property
    Remove possum from the chimney
    Eco-friendly possums removal

    Same Day Possum Removal Melbourne Services

    Possum Removal Melbourne operates a possum removal service in Melbourne on the same day. 24-7 hours, our professionals are involved. To monitor and eliminate the possums from your residential and commercial areas, we use the most modern and special technique. For the disposal of possums, we use environmentally friendly solutions.

    We give our customers 100 percent customer satisfaction. We know what the market demands, and we offer the same service. This isn’t an easy task to live with possums.

    We understand the intense stress is felt by you. But don’t panic because Possum removal Melbourne has a team of best experts. For more details, get in contact with us today.

    Why appoint Possum Removal Melbourne Team?

    • We provide rapid and efficient service.
    • Same day and emergency services from our end are provided.
    • When controlling the possum, we care for your children and pets.
    • We have 15 years of experience dealing with possum removal.
    • Our specialists use latest equipment for possum management.
    • We promise 100% result and customer satisfaction
    • Our experts have complete government certification and licence to regulate the possum.
    • In Melbourne, we protect both metro and non-metro areas.
    • We have with us trained and licenced technicians.

    Why appoint Possum Removal Melbourne Team?

    Expert Carcass Removal in Melbourne

    Are you currently facing the unpleasant issue of a deceased animal on your property? We are pleased to offer a prompt and efficient solution with our professional carcass removal service. We fully understand the urgency of such situations and provide a reliable service for removing dead animals in Melbourne, ensuring that your property remains clean, safe, and hygienic.

    Comprehensive Carcass Removal Services

    Our team specializing in carcass removal in Melbourne has extensive experience in handling various types of deceased animal carcasses, ranging from small rodents such as rats to larger animals like possums. Whether it is a dead rat in your backyard or a deceased possum in your attic, we possess the necessary expertise and equipment to safely remove the carcass and dispose of it responsibly.

    Why Choose Pestico for Carcass Removal in Melbourne?

    At Pestico, we take pride in offering a comprehensive removal service that extends beyond simply removing the carcass. We also ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent any potential health risks or pest infestations. Our team specializing in dead animal removal in Melbourne is dedicated to delivering a service that is not only efficient but also affordable.

    More Than Just Carcass Removal

    In addition to carcass removal, we also provide a range of pest control services. Our team specializing in pest control in Melbourne is equipped to handle various pests, including rats, possums, and other rodents. Therefore, whether you require rat removal, possum removal, or dead rodent removal, you can rely on Pestico.

    Contact Us for Carcass Removal in Melbourne

    If you require carcass removal in Melbourne or any other pest control service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with a quick and affordable dead animal removal service that ensures your property remains free from unwanted pests and potential health hazards. Trust Pestico pest control for all your pest and carcass removal needs.
    To request professional carcass removal and disposal services in Melbourne, please contact Pestico pest control Melbourne today. We offer our services to residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne, providing affordable, discreet, and effective solutions for eliminating dead animal problems.

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