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    Are you looking for reliable end-of-lease pest control service in Melbourne? If yes, then look no further! Pestico Pest Control offers a wide range of pest control services, from rodent control to cockroach control to end-of-lease pest control Melbourne service. Plus, we customise our treatment plan, so that our clients pay only for what they need.

    According to the Residential Tenancies Act, the lessor must ensure that the Rental Property is clean and habitable at the start of the tenancy. Unless otherwise specified in the Lease Agreement, the LESSOR is typically responsible for general pest control treatments such as ant control, bed bugs control, cockroach control, flea control, silverfish control, and spider control.

    When lessee has permitted animals on the establishments or has caused pest problems such as bed bugs or rodents, the LESSEE IS RESPONSIBLE for having a pest treatment done after their lease. A tenant must complete a pest control treatment even if the animals were only kept outside or were only on the property for a short time.

    Pestico Pest Control Melbourne provides pest control services that are both effective and cost-effective. Our team has extensive experience performing complex pest control and management treatments using organic and eco-friendly products.

    Why Do You Need the End Of Lease Pest Control Service In Melbourne?

    If you have pets such as a dog or cat, you may be required to have a flea treatment service based on some special terms in your Tenancy Agreement. Another option is to have general pest control performed to ensure that the property is pest-free for the new tenants.

    Unwanted pests pose several risks, particularly near the end of your lease agreement. Most of these risks involve the spread of diseases, as some critters scavenge for food in unsanitary areas before bringing it into your home. Fleas are one of those dangerous pests that can make getting your bond back a challenge. With our guaranteed end-of-lease pest control service, you can leave with peace of mind for your new home and avoid costly tribunals.

    In A Rental Property, Who Is Responsible For Pest Control?

    Unless the lessor and lessee have agreed otherwise, the owner is usually liable for pest management obligations in a rental property. If the lessee has been involved in activities (i.e., bringing outside waste inside the property, having pets that harbours bugs or lure them inside, kids playing with garden matter inside the property, etc.) that have increased the presence of critters, the parties may agree to something different.

    Regardless of who is in charge of pest control, it is recommended that pests be treated frequently to avoid any negative consequences to one’s health and well-being.

    What To Expect From The End Of A Lease Pest Control Inspection?

    When a lease expires, it is critical to hire a pest control company after your current tenants have vacated. When an investment property is vacant, it is easier to treat it for pests. It makes getting around the property quick and easy, allowing effective pest control treatment.

    As an investor, you may not be aware of the pests that exist in your property, so Pestico Pest Control conducts a thorough inspection and assessment and reports back to you on what we believe is necessary. It assures you that all relevant pests have been treated throughout your property.

    Process for End Of Lease Pest Control Melbourne

    Exterminating pests that do not go away necessitates a proactive approach. End-of-lease pest control becomes even more critical and necessary for cleaning the property and removing any hidden annoyances.

    Property inspection – A thorough inspection of the entire property is conducted to identify pests hiding in wall cavities, roof cavities, basement, attic, and other areas.

    Application – A pesticide powder or liquid solution is applied to the areas where pests are causing problems for the occupants. Roofs, walls, attic, and floorboards are examples of possible locations. At Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we use eco-friendly and the least toxic chemicals and pesticides.

    Fumigation – A specialised cleaning gas is sprayed throughout the premises, reaching all nooks and crannies. This way, all the pests that are being targeted are killed properly. Further, a heat pest control machine is used to target the deeply embedded pests. The heating method is safe and effective for dealing with persistent and filthy pests that spread diseases and allergies among people.

    Why Choose Us For End Of Lease Pest Control Services in Melbourne?

    • We take pest control and treatment very seriously.
    • We work hard to keep the number of visits to a minimum so you can rest easy knowing the pests have been exterminated from your home.
    • We can come to your home for a one-time treatment or set up regular inspections.
    • To resolve pest-related issues, we invest in the most appropriate tools and treatments, as well as employ cutting-edge methods.
    • No job is too small or too large for our team of end-of-lease pest control Melbourne experts, who are highly skilled and experienced.
    • Our pest controllers are knowledgeable about pests and work to eliminate all pests, not just those that are visible.

    Get in Touch With Us For Comprehensive End-of-Lease Pest Control Solutions

    Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is a pest control company that is owned and operated in Australia. Throughout Melbourne, we specialise in expert, cost-effective, and dependable end-of-lease pest control service. Whether you are leaving your home or moving to a new office, we provide comprehensive and reliable end-of-lease pest control services. Contact us to book an appointment.


    1. Who is responsible for pest control services at the end of the lease?

    Rental properties must be presented in the same condition as they were when the tenancy began. If you have had pets in your rental property, it is usually a condition of your tenancy agreement that you complete a pest control treatment when you vacate. Check your lease agreement to see if your tenancy is covered.

    2. What will the exterminator be able to accomplish for you?

    Our pest control Melbourne exterminators will use all their resources to eliminate the infestation. It includes a thorough inspection as well as an effective pest-removal method. They will also give you advice on how to avoid infestations in the future.

    3. What types of pest problems do Pestico Pest Control deal with?

    Rodents, creepy crawlies, and other pests are no match for us. The full list can be found under the Services menu. Bed bugs, rats, mice, wasps, moths, fleas, ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, possums, flies, pigeons, woodworm, bees, and dust mites are the most common pests, and we take care of all of them.

    4. What should I do if my landlord refuses to remove the cockroaches?

    The property owner must resolve the issue as soon as possible to comply with the law. It includes, if necessary, arranging and paying for professional pest control.

    5. Is it legal for me to refuse pest treatment in my apartment?

    Whether or not a tenant can refuse to have their apartment treated is a matter of debate. Most experts agree that the only valid reason for a tenant to refuse a pest-control technician is if they have legitimate health concerns.

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