How To Control Garden Pests In Melbourne

The presence of pests in the garden can make it challenging to maintain it. However, you do not have to turn to professional pest control services Melbourne every single time you see a pest.

Further, not all the pests that live in your garden are harmful to your flowers, fruits, and plants; some of them are beneficial too.

Below are a Few Commonly Listed Pests That are Known and Found in Your Garden.

1. Snails

2. Caterpillars

3. Mealybugs

4. Flea beetles

5. Codling moths

6. Leaf miners

7. Vine weevil

You do not have to turn to chemical pest controllers, there are a few organic pesticides that you can use to get rid of unwanted pests. Purchasing commercial bug repellent or chemical pest control services Melbourne is not the best option. Moreover, bug sprays are even harmful to humans.

Below are a few methods to prevent pests in the garden.

Natural Pest Killers

Insects like parasitic wasps, ladybugs, spiders, and ground beetles are natural pest killers. They prey on pests and aid in keeping your garden clean. So, if you want a pest-free garden, then these types of insects should be encouraged to grow. However, you should keep a check on their number; too many insects may be harmful to your garden and home.

This method is considered the best pest control Melbourne technique as it removes pests without causing any harm to plants, soil, or humans.

Barriers to the Plants, Fruits, and Flowers

Plant, flower, and fruit barriers are man-made means of dealing with pests. Across the plants, a wired net-like structure is employed, or a smaller version is used to cover fruits or flowers. However, this strategy requires a lot of space; otherwise, the area would appear shabby.

Pest Repellent Plants

It is another natural technique to keep pests away from your garden. Some plants’ blossoms, or the plant itself, can act as a pest deterrent by emitting a noxious odour. You can place these pest repellent plants near the plants that need protection from pests. Garlic is an example of such a plant. When you grow garlic near garden plants, the smell deters pests from attacking the plants.

These pest repellent plants will also serve as an organic fertiliser for the soil.

Usage of Pesticides as An Option

After we’ve exhausted all the other options, you should use a commercial pest controller as the last resort. Why is this method still considered the final method? Because pesticides used in excess can harm plants, soil, and even humans.

If you are worried about the damage caused to the plants, you can hire the best pest control Melbourne company for pest management.

Here are a few environmentally friendly pesticides that are safe for humans and the environment.

  • Soap spray – In this procedure, fatty soaps are sprayed to prevent pest infestation.
  • Neem oil spray – The oil’s unpleasant taste will keep pests away.
  • Garlic pepper spray – The bugs will be killed fast by the spicy character of the pepper.
  • Chili pepper spray -This is not your average pepper spray. As a result, the pests are promptly dispatched.

If the infestation is severe, the ideal option is to hire the best pest control Melbourne company for professional pest control services.

If the impact of pests is greater or the invasion of pests cannot be managed, it is advisable to contact expert pest control services Melbourne. They have qualified and experienced personnel who can manage any pest control situation with ease. They have all the required equipment, safe chemicals, and machinery to remove pests without endangering your family. Call experts to get the service delivered right to your door.

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